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What is the purpose of (hereafter referred to as AWWA) exists for the purpose of promoting the exchange of information on products and services of interest to webmasters.

What types of advertising are appropriate? 

Products and services of interest to webmasters is defined as anything related to designing, propagating, promoting or maintaining web pages and their contents. It does not include, promotional or content offerings intended specifically for webmasters of adult sites, which should be posted in

Anyone offering such products and services is invited to post announcements concerning their offerings, but such announcements are not to be posted more frequently than once a week. Post messages in plain text only. Do not post messages containing html, scripts, binaries, etc. No messages are to be cross-posted between AWWA and alt.www.webmaster.

What other types of messages are on-topic?

People are encouraged to ask for recommendations for the best source for webmaster-related products and services, and there is no restriction on posting relevant information in response to such questions. All other questions should be posted in alt.www.webmaster. See the AWW Recommended Links page for the links that are most often recommended by participants in alt.www.webmaster. 

Participants in this newsgroup are encouraged to treat everyone with respect, avoid personal attacks and the use of foul language.

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